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MainStreet Tax Solution’s mission is to create mutually profitable lifetime relationships with our business partners by providing personalized and industry leading customer service. Our teams of support professionals have the training, experience, and industry knowledge to provide you the best customer service available. We are here for YOU!

Paul W.

I do not prepare a large number of tax returns but the ones I file are fairly large and diverse. During the 2012 tax preparation year the people at MainStreet Tax Solutions especially Susan, Sandy, and Pam have been nothing short of excellent in their answers to my questions and helping me with my problems. Their friendly personalities and their excellent knowledge of the products made this season the absolute best ever!
I would recommend MainStreet Tax Solutions to anyone.

Sheila M.

Great job Evan.

I was a new customer to Mainstreet and the Tax Wise Program in 2012. I have used other tax programs in the past and was never completely satisfied. After purchasing this program, I was hand held through any and all questions. The technical support staff is amazing! My company was assigned to Evan who is one of the best support persons I have ever encountered in the tax business. The programs I used in the past the support teams were out of the country and it was difficult to get problems resolved. Mainstreet has solved any issue I may have had. I stand behind this company 100% and will never change tax programs again.

Jacquelyn B.

“I want to personally thank you for the loyal support that you have shown my company over this tax season. I am so elated with your company’s customer support. They return phone calls, answer questions concerning the software and most of all the friendliness and patience of each one of your staff. I AM DEFINITELY COMING BACK AS ONE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. Thanks a lot…” – South Carolina (236 bank products)


“Thank you for your help and support. Your program is simple, fast to learn, and inexpensive. We love it. We also need to thank your technical support crew ( tony ) for all the help with our computers, it is wonderful to work with all of you guys, thanks.” – Arkansas (2nd year Mainstreet customer, 180 bank products)


“We enjoy using Mainstreet Tax Software. The software system is user friendly and is updated frequently to process accurate returns. Mainstreet has been there for us every step of the way!” – Washington’s Investments & Associates- North Carolina (2nd year Mainstreet customer, 72 bank products)

Yvonne J.

“I am so glad to have you on my team. Had a great stress free season at least when it came to my software. Thanks.” – 10 year Tax Pro, Louisiana (2nd year Mainstreet customer, 165 bank products)


“Mainstreet is the best tax software company in the market. The level of knowledge, professionalism and personal attention that our offices have received from both the owner and employees at Mainstreet has been superb. Their software is so easy to maneuver. Their technical support team know what they are doing. The personalized attention that we get anytime we have a question or software issue cannot be matched by any of the other companies out there. I have and would recommend Mainstreet Tax Solution Services to any professional in the tax preparation field.” – V&J Multiservices, LLC, Florida (2nd year Mainstreet customer, 500 bank products)

Shekeitha C.

“Hello Tom! I have had a wonderful season and I must say I am very pleased with Mainstreet Tax Solutions. You all have made me a very satisfied customer. The software is very easy to use, customer service is an A+ and beyond, and the incentives are great!! I want to thank you all at Mainstreet.” – Louisiana (former Taxwise user, 236 bank products)

James B.

“This has been THE best tax season for my company. You and your company (MainStreet Tax Service Solution), provided us (Progressive Tax Service), with the BEST customer service and technical support that I have ever experience in the Tax Professional Industry. I will continue my service with your company as long as I am in business.” – South Carolina (former TRX user, 348 bank products)