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$Call for Daily Deals - Desktop
MainStreet Power Package
Fast Tax Preparation Software

  • All Federal and State 1040 Forms
  • Business Forms (1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 706, 709, 990, 5500)
  • Unlimited E-Filing
  • Online Check Printing
  • Spanish Language Forms and Schedules
  • Zip Code and EIN Databases
  • Master Tax Guide Online
  • Free Orientation
  • Call 877-220-0193 FOR DAILY DEALS!
$Call for Daily Deals - Web Based
MainStreet Online
Expand Your Business & Maintain Control

  • 100% Web Based - No Desktop Install
  • Manage Multiple Offices from any computer
  • All Federal and State 1040 Forms
  • Unlimited E-Filing
  • Online Check Printing
  • Zip Code and EIN Databases
  • Master Tax Guide Online
  • Quick & Easy Set Up
  • Free orientation
  • Call 877-220-0193 FOR DAILY DEALS!

The MainStreet Advantage

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All the software you need
Prices you can afford
Service you deserve
Rebates you can't get anywhere else


I do not prepare a large number of tax returns but the ones I file are fairly large and diverse. During the 2012 tax preparation year the people at MainStreet Tax Solutions especially Susan, Sandy, a...
Great job Evan.\r\n\r\nI was a new customer to Mainstreet and the Tax Wise Program in 2012. I have used other tax programs in the past and was never completely satisfied. After purchasing this program, ...
\"I want to personally thank you for the loyal support that you have shown my company over this tax season. I am so elated with your company\'s customer support. They return phone calls, answer question...
\"Thank you for your help and support. Your program is simple, fast to learn, and inexpensive. We love it. We also need to thank your technical support crew ( tony ) for all the help with our computers...
\"We enjoy using Mainstreet Tax Software. The software system is user friendly and is updated frequently to process accurate returns. Mainstreet has been there for us every step of the way!\" - Washingt...
\"I am so glad to have you on my team. Had a great stress free season at least when it came to my software. Thanks.\" - 10 year Tax Pro, Louisiana (2nd year Mainstreet customer, 165 bank products)...
\"Mainstreet is the best tax software company in the market. The level of knowledge, professionalism and personal attention that our offices have received from both the owner and employees at Mainstree...
\"Hello Tom! I have had a wonderful season and I must say I am very pleased with Mainstreet Tax Solutions. You all have made me a very satisfied customer. The software is very easy to use, customer ser...
\"This has been THE best tax season for my company. You and your company (MainStreet Tax Service Solution), provided us (Progressive Tax Service), with the BEST customer service and technical support t...
\"Tom, we have had such a wonderful experience with Mainstreet. You immediately eliminated all fears of venturing out alone for the first time with a Service Bureau. Tech support was on-time every time...

Software that works | Staff that is knowledgeable | Phones that get answered

Rebate and Incentives Calculator

Set your flexible service bureau fee: $ ($12.50-$50.00)
(MainStreet keeps the first $12.50 of every funded bank product)

Set your E-filing fee: $ ($0-$40)
(MainStreet does not charge to efile a bank product)

Prior year Bank Products:


Flexible Service Bureau Fee

In order to keep our software prices low, while providing superior customer service, MainStreet charges a nominal fee of $12.50 per funded bank product. Per your request, this fee can be set up to $50.00. All funds collected per bank product over $12.50 will be paid to ERO at the conclusion of tax season, beginning in May.

E-File Fee

MainStreet does not charge a fee for E-Filing a bank product. You can choose to charge between $0 and $40 for providing this service. The fee you set will be deposited by the bank with your preparation fees upon funding.